Training Group Info and Agreement



•The training groups meet once per month for 3 hours, with each training session divided into 3 sections:

–1 hour lecture

–1 hour experiential

–1 hour video presentation showing trainees’ CIMBS work with clients (20 min. each trainee)

Beginning trainees who have not attended two weekend workshops will not be required to show video.


•There are three training group modules:

–Fall Module: September – December, 2016 (4 meetings)

–Spring/Winter Module: January – June, 2017 (6 meetings)

Please see website for specific meeting dates and times.


•Each group typically has 4-6 participants.


•Cost is $150 per monthly meeting.


•Groups are led by Beatriz Sheldon, Med Psych; Dr. Albert (Terry) Sheldon, Psychiatrist; or Dr. Ellen Beauchamp, Psychologist.





•When you sign up for each module we ask that you commit to attend training every month. If you are unable to attend one of the training sessions, we ask that you arrange with our assistant, Lauren Hernandez, to come to an alternate training group. Because of the commitment that we ask you to make, if you are unable to attend an alternate group in place of one that you miss, you will be expected to pay for the missed group.


•Payment is due monthly, on or before the meeting for that month. Checks should be made out to the leader of your group (Beatriz, Terry, or Ellen).  Checks for missed sessions can be sent to:

Lauren Hernandez
6709 Fauntleroy Way SW
Seattle, WA 98136


I have read and understand all of the above, and I agree to attend all of the trainings groups for the module that I sign up for. I understand that I am expected to pay for all groups for that module, including groups that I may miss and I am not able to make up during that module.



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