Spring 2018 Workshop Description

Discovering the Wisdom and Power of Primary Process Emotions

How to mobilize, utilize and integrate nonconscious primary process brain systems in therapy.

When our patients first come to us they often feel anxious, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, discouraged and demoralized.   They have been trying to do their best in their lives and yet they have all of these symptoms, they are not able to function well, relationships are not going well, they are struggling at work and struggling to manage their lives.  All of this discouragement is daunting for our patients, and can be daunting for us, their therapists.

This course has been designed to help you discover and activate underlying nonconscious emotional resources that can bring new life into your sessions and new life into your patients.  You will be able to take some new perspectives, approaches, tools and understandings to add to your own practice styles with you to enhance your work.  Working in this way can enable you to ‘remoralize’ your patients throughout each session.  They will be able to walk out of your office with a little spring in their step having accessed some of the energy and wisdom of their underlying nonconscious emotional resources that are usually hidden underneath their symptoms, character defenses, anxiety, etc.

In the past 30 years neuroscience has begun to provide us evidence and explanations about seven distinct nonconscious emotional brain systems [Panksepp] that provide most of energy and wisdom in our emotional life.   This course will bring those seven nonconscious systems into the light so that you can begin to see, access and activate those emotional resources in your patients.  For example; when you activate the patient’s Seeking Brain Systems in the face of their anxiety, the balance shifts from tension and passivity to openness, interest and curiosity.  You will be able to see emotional and psychophysiological changes unfold in a matter of minutes.

Even with your most challenging  patients these approaches to activating, differentiating, linking and integrating these Underlying Proactive Primary process Emotional Resource [UPPER] Brain systems will enhance your therapy.

We have found that many participants are able to integrate this learning into their practice right away, and it may have a profound affect on your work.  After attending one of our courses, one participant reported; “I used to have a wonderful meaningful session once a week, Now I have one of those sessions almost every hour of every day.”

Course Objectives:

What are the seven primary process emotional brain systems?

How can therapists provide differentiatING experiences with these brain systems?

What are the benefits of focusing on primary process emotional brain systems in therapy?

For the advanced trainees: This Course is an opportunity to delve more deeply into understanding and actively working with Primary Process Emotional Brain Systems. We have never taught this course before, although we have alerted you the the presence of seven Primary Brain Systems in the last three courses.  We have done much further research and experimentation with these systems: What are the evolutionary roots? How exactly do these systems function nonconsciously? How can we utilize them in therapy?  This may be a good opportunity for you to discover what Primary Process system is underdeveloped in yourself.  This will certainly provide some new resources to add to your therapy.