Online Trainings


All of our online trainings are direct recordings of our past two day training workshops.  Each training offers over 5 hours of content covering the basic principles of CIMBS as well as the specific title topic using interactive exercises, recordings of actual clinical sessions, and therapy demonstrations.

All video trainings are eligible for 5 hours of Continuing Education Credit (CEUs) by completing a short post-course test.  Each training costs $120.  For those who attended the course live and want to purchase the recording, the price is $90.  Your purchase will include the slides for all presentations made during the training and unlimited online access for streaming trainings.

Please contact Christy Sweaney for more information or to purchase:


• *NEW* PsychoPhysiological Phenomena

We have observed that more than 80% of what is happening in psychotherapy is a function of nonconscious emotional activations and processing.  This course will utilize the perspective of PsychoPhysiology to bring to light the nonconscious emotions and nonconscious emotional activations that are dynamically present in the patient’s mind at all times.  PsychoPhysiology looks at the way emotional and psychological activations produce physiological responses, such as tone and volume of the voice, breathing patterns, eye contact, physical movements, etc.  Through this course we hope that each participant will learn how to utilize a PsychoPhysiologic Perspective in their assessments of the mental functioning of their patient/clients, how to observe subtle and not so subtle PsychoPhysiological shifts that alert them to opportunities for new learning and neuroplasticity, and how PsychoPhysiologic phenomena provide evidence and give them immediate feedback on the benefit/impact of their therapeutic interventions.  For a detailed description of the course please click HERE.

This training is available to purchase as a streaming online video set.


• *NEW* Therapeutic Attachment Relationship

The therapeutic alliance is a major factor in the success of Psychotherapy.  This course is intended to inspire and train experienced therapists in new ways to utilize the Therapeutic Attachment Relationship in clinical practice.  We will also teach the participants how to discern aspects of the therapeutic relationship that are usually unconscious and invisible to the untrained eye.  It is our hope that through this course each participant will learn how to utilize the activation energy of the therapeutic relationship to override the patient/client’s avoidant tendencies, such as fear, shame or depression, how to differentiate the bottom up from the top-down experience of the therapeutic relationship, and how to utilize the therapeutic relationship to activate neurotransmitters to facilitate long-term changes in therapy.  For a detailed description of the course please click HERE.

This training is available to purchase as a streaming online video set.


• Transpiring Present Moment in Psychotherapy

There are many features about CIMBS that make it an especially unique, effective and efficient therapeutic paradigm.  The one feature that has the biggest impact on therapists we have trained is learning to work in the Transpiring Present Moment, or the evolving experience of the here and now that is without or beyond words.  During this training course participants will learn what we mean by the Transpiring Present Moment in the therapeutic process, what PsychoPhysiological Phenomena alert us to unique activations that are unfolding in the Present Moment, and how to help your patient stay in this space by interrupting implicit patterns that will take them out of the Transpiring Present Moment.  For a detailed description of the course please click HERE

This training is currently available to purchase as a streaming online video set OR as a 3 DVD set.


• Unconscious Anxiety and Shame

After looking at thousands of hours of video recordings of psychotherapy sessions over the past 20 years, we have observed that the most frequent challenges/difficulties to the therapeutic process are the presence of Unconscious Anxiety and Shame. The two primary goals for this presentation are to help the participants to be able to detect and discern these ‘invisible’ phenomena, and then to learn how to do therapy to the Unconscious Anxiety and Shame.

This training is available to purchase as a streaming online video set.