Training Courses


Two Day or Three Day Short Courses are designed for clinicians who want to learn how to maximize adaptive functioning of their patient’s brain through the use of the energy and information from different Brain Systems.

The workshops are hands on: dynamic and interactive exercises, DVD recordings of actual clinical sessions, and therapy demonstrations and practice activities.

As a clinician, you will experience first hand how to harness the positive and adaptive neuropathways that are always present in the brain.



Accessing the Power of Primary Process Emotions to Help Treat Patients with Depression and Anxiety

This course has been designed to help you discover and activate underlying nonconscious emotional resources that can bring new life into your sessions and new life into your patients.  You will be able to take some new perspectives, approaches, tools and understandings to add to your own practice styles with you to enhance your work.  Working in this way can enable you to ‘remoralize’ your patients throughout each session.  They will be able to walk out of your office with a little spring in their step having accessed some of the energy and wisdom of their underlying nonconscious emotional resources that are usually hidden underneath their symptoms, character defenses, anxiety, etc.  Click HERE for the full course description.

May 19-20th, 2018  (As of May 9th there is one spot available for this workshop! – please contact Christy Sweaney at if you would like to register)

June 9-10th, 2018  (This course has reached capacity – please contact Christy Sweaney at if you would like to be put on the wait list)

Bellefield Office Park Conference Center, Conifer Building

1450 114th Ave SE,

Bellevue, WA  98004

(Coming from out of state?  Click HERE for travel information.)

Early Registration Fee: $480

Regular Registration Fee: $530

This conference is approved for 12  CEU’s for PhD and Masters level therapists.

Contact Christy Sweaney for more information:





Developing Transtheoretical and Transdiagnostic Skills and the Person of the Therapist – Hosted by Maximising Therapeutic Effectiveness

Beatriz and Terry Sheldon will be two of the main presenters at this experiential yearly conference hosted by Maximising Therapeutic Effectiveness in Birmingham, UK.  They will also be hosting a two day Pre-Event Workshop covering the theory and clinical work of CIMBS with live demonstrations and experiential learning.

Pre Event CIMBS Workshop – October 25-26th, 2018

More information and registration can be found on the Maximising Effectiveness website HERE.



There will be no trainings in Vancouver, BC for the remainder of 2018 – Future dates pending…

Contact Christy Sweaney for more information:



There will be no trainings in Portland, OR for the remainder 2018 – Future dates pending…

Contact Christy Sweaney for more information:


Beatriz Winstanley MEd.Psych. and Albert Sheldon M.D.

Dr. Sheldon and Ms. Winstanley have been developing new experiential teaching approaches to enable therapists to incorporate (even embody) this wisdom into their own therapeutic work.



Methods of Training:

  • Video-recordings of clinical therapy sessions by participants and instructors.
  • Elaboration of CIMBS therapeutic skills
  • Experiential learning with demonstrations and role-playing
  • Discussions of Theory


Training Groups in Seattle, Washington: 2017

2271 NE 51st St

Seattle, WA  98105


Monthly Small Group Meeting Dates:

Group 1 (run by Terry) – Fridays at 9:00am: 1/12

Group 2 (run by Beatriz) – Saturdays at 9:30am: 1/13, 2/17, 3/17, 4/21, 5/12, 6/16

Group 4 (run by Beatriz) – Fridays at 2:00pm:  1/12, 2/16, 3/16, 4/20, 5/11, 6/15

Terry’s Group – Fridays at 9:30am: 1/19

Ellen’s Group – Friday 11/3 from 12:30-3:30

(Please note that Ellen’s group meets in Bellevue at 915 118th Avenue SE, Suite 285)


Individual Supervision and Specialized Training with Dr. Ellen Beauchamp

Ellen Beauchamp is now offering one hour appointments for therapists during September, October, December, and January 2017 for individual supervision and/or specialized training in CIMBS.

Are you interested in any of the following:

  1. Exploring and understanding the inter-connectedness of the four levels of CIMBS
  2. Enhancing and practicing incorporating the “Four Levels of Emotional and Affect BrainMind Processing” into the therapeutic hour
  3. Collaboratively exploring segments of DVD sessions to examine and strengthen your own abilities and confidence in the integration of the CIMBS principles
  4. Exploring the subtle and non-verbal/verbal shifts in DVD sessions to deepen the patient’s awareness of self.
  5. Exploring and assessing “Deliberate Practice” aspects within DVDs.
  6. Designing your own one hour supervision with me.

If so, please contact Dr. Ellen Beauchamp for an appointment or more information at 425-456-0145.


Monthly Consult Group Meeting Dates:

Zandra’s Consult Group – Every second Saturday of the month at 10:00am

At least 3 participants are required for this meeting to take place

(Please note Zandra’s group meets in Bellevue at 12356 Northrup Way)